About Jerry Tools

At Jerry Tools we manufacture quality for you. Jerry Tools specializes in hydraulic work holding systems and custom arbors and chucks for applications such as:

  • Manual Rotary Tables
  • Large Broach Fixturing
  • Air Bearing Rotary Tables
  • Specialized Assembly Design
  • Fixturing

Jerry Tools can hold accuracy on large or small fixturing from .0002 to .0005 on 60" ... if it's an uncommon tolerance or unique fixturing device that you need, Jerry Tools can do it.

Jerry Tools supplies major manufacturers worldwide with special tooling systems for applications like aircraft propulsion, power generation, fastening production, custom built inspection, and gaging and balancing systems. When you require large tooling with .0005 accuracy or better, call Jerry Tools.

We will provide you with the personal attention necessary to design and manufacture your specialized tooling. The result will be close tolerance and repeatability of parts month after month. You'll be producing quality by design rather than by inspection.

Shown to the right are typical precision Jerry Tools products.

A leading manufacturer uses Jerry Tools' hydraulic expanding arbors on production machines and inspection machines employed to make exotic alloy circular parts. The Jerry Tools arbors completely fill the inside diameter of the parts and locate the true geometric center when the parts are turned, ground, broached, drilled, faced and inspected.



photo of Jerry Tools product
photo of Jerry Tools product
photo of Jerry Tools product