Aluminum Jetnuts

Weight Reduction of 60%!

Safety First: Save your back! Reducing the weight creates less strain on every day handling.

Increase production: With the Aluminum Jetnuts decreased weight there is no need for cranes, and fork lifts for install and removal.

Low maintenance: High strength aluminum provides a great yield and tensile strength comparable to the steel Jetnut.

Reduce shipping charges: less weight=less money.

Product Description:

  • Aluminum body with steel pressure pad
  • Black Anodized high strength aluminum
  • Rated at 10,000 psi.
  • Available in JNS and JNT style Jetnuts
  • JNS model sizes are equivalent to steel models
  • Sizes range from 8" to 30" (please inquire for larger sizes)

Please visit JNS and JNT pages for size charts.

photo of aluminum jetnut